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More About Us

RJB Accounting Services, Inc. in Woodbridge, VA, is a legal corporation that we organized professionally and properly to conduct business in the corporate arena. We hold the proper licenses, permits and other documents to conduct business as a corporation. We are incorporated in Delaware and registered with the SCC to operate in Virginia. Our staff has experience in providing services for various organizations and companies.

We have a committed line of credit of $1 million with any necessary extension for working capital. We are in the process of obtaining the necessary and required facilities to perform all services awarded to us.

Our small business recently became a GSA Schedule contract holder, which gives us the opportunity to acquire larger operating facilities and to grow and increase the services performed. We expect to experience tremendous growth in the future and expansion in the services performed.

Projects and References

Past Performance

Find out how we can help your organization’s financial status. Contact us today for additional information.

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